No. 25

Pushka Approved


Hey Everyone, Pushka here! IM CRAZY! Did yal know that? Well I am. Absolutely insane. I deleted my inventory. The whole thing. Well almost, I got down to 6,000 items from about 60,000. The problem is that now I have nothing. And magika does not have a redelivery terminal. WTF? But it’s me, and I am cute, so I will survive.

Sooo I have decided to start blogging again. Don’t ask me why, I’m not really sure I can explain. And I felt that it was time for me to let Queen of Pretzels go (Since I made the website like 14 years ago and just keep deleting the insides and doing new stuff to it.) I have moved some of my favorite outfits from QoP here to Pushka Approved so that it doesn’t look quite so empty. And I am going to be making some new outfits… like this…

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No. 25

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