Little Goddesses

There is a little-known type of merfolk that comes from Polish mythology,  she has sparked my interest recently and inspired me to create a look to represent her. She is called a Boginka.



The Boginki (Polish for “Little Goddesses”) are spirits in Polish mythology. According to traditions, covens of the boginki would gather to perform sacrifices and rituals for the nymphs of the riverbanks and lakes. A boginka could bear children, however the changeling babies of the Boginki were known to be very capricious, evil and foul-tempered. Being a spirit, the boginka would take on the form of a human female, and steal the human baby, replacing it with her own. She would then, softly and light-footed as the evening shade, return to the waters with the human child.



When the human woman wished to retrieve her child from the boginka, she would listen for the sounds of the boginka washing her linens in the night. She would admonish her with signs of the cross or religious amulets, sending her back to the waters with her own baby. The boginka would likely try to avenge herself by cursing the human baby with the same foul-temper as her own, then silently and instantly she would slip back to the limpid waters with her child.




Hair – MINA Hair – Ineke – Light Brown

Skin – THESKINSHOP ‘Bijoux’

Toga – ~Soedara~ Venustas Togulae Silk in Blue  (NEW at Soedara!)

Wreath – Swallow -Flower Power- Pink (@SAVIAD Spring Fair!)

Crown – ieQED

Headpiece – [Keystone] Bru’ella – Black x Gold

Combs – LaGyo Hummingbird comb

Harness – LUAS Aaliyah Harness Hawk Metal

Pauldron – [The Forge] Elise Pauldron, Bronze

Dorsal Fin – *PDD* BlackPearl mermaid

In the Third Photo –

On Eyes – Boudoir Closed Eyes Makeup (@SAVIAD Spring Fair!)

– Boudoir Closed Eyes Eyeshadow – Lilac (@SAVIAD Spring Fair!)

Little Goddesses

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