This isn’t my official Halloween post but I am having quite a bit of fun exploring and taking photos so I will probably be doing two posts today.

The other day one of my friend’s (Lux) asked me to take a few photos for her for her blog. Her computer was acting up but she wanted to blog. So being the kind wonderful person I am, I said of course! After tping me around to take photos Lux decided on the sim where the event Enchanted will be opening. (It opens any day now, and has lots of awesome Snow White themed items)

You eventually end up at this gorgeous castle that is just perfect for photos!

Credits: The Gorean Brat: No.318

Given I had wandered around the sim a few times to shop, because really some of the clothes are just perfect for Gor. (Even the furniture!) I hadn’t really looked at it from a pretty stand point. You land in fall and you can wander into winter. I, of course, originally stayed in the shopping areas kind of figuring that the other area was private. It turns out it isn’t! Its just a beautiful space for everyone to look at, once the even opens of course.






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