59: Happy Halloween!

Tink looked everywhere for Pan, but of course she found him with that pesky Wendy again. When would he ever realize that he was meant to be with her? Huh? Huh? Tink was always helping Pan, not that he ever noticed. Damn boys. Did he ever notice all she did for him? Nah of course not! Instead he flew off without his darn shadow (YET AGAIN!) with the ugly girl in the blue dress!


I didn’t mean for my photos or my post to be gloomy today. But I sometimes feel that with the urber amount of shadows that I like that things just end up looking that way. So instead of the happy side of Tinkerbell, in love with Peter Pan, you get the disgruntle side where she is jealous that Pan has found another.


It was extremely hard for me to find a garden sim, or really just a sim with flowers. I did so try though, but I of course ended back at my little space taking photos by my waterfall. I again invite people to come visit. Its a nice place and we are pretty darn friendly. (Unless my mother doesn’t like you.)


Hair: [BURLEY]_Vanessa
Hair Flowers: TRUTH HAIR Felicity FLOWERS
Outfit: …:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… Tinker Bell
Fairy Dust: Fairy Dust for hands
Leg Wrap: *EC* Flora Fairy – Puff

59: Happy Halloween!

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