57: Asunder

So not only am I in a blogging rut (But hey… 3rd day in a row I think I am doing pretty well) but I am in a Gor rut. I get on TS, and then mute myself and everyone else. I hang out in camp, but a raid comes in and I go AFK. Its just BLAH and truly annoying cause sometimes Gor can be fun. I like it when I am actually able to shoot people, but I seriously suck without practice. Its just a big heavy sigh right now!



I found this awfully pretty sim. I started looking at the Destination Guide.. because one would think that SL would have an idea of what sims people actually like to visit. I mean at least one of them has to be pretty right? Right? No… I went to 5 places on the destination guide… I fell 2000m. I was ejected by ban lines. I landed on land that was for sale! But I didn’t find any pretty sims or even a place to take a photo. It was depressing.


But then I decided… hey my outfit is kind of steampunkish tonight… I will look for a steampunk sim… and sure enough I ran across Le Boheme – Victorian Vampire Gothic Steampunk. I will admit that the sim wasn’t very pretty in my normal windlight setting (CalWL) but I was drawn in by the clown on the bike and had to take a picture. So after playing around with my windlight settings, I have decided that the sim is like super pretty. Yes I sure did!



Jacket: FDD *Jenna of Gor* – Jacket
Pants: Spirit Store – Exina pants
Shoes: Color.Me.H.O.F [YmreBoots]

57: Asunder

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