A Guide to Dressing

I feel I should give warning before you read any further. This post is a rant. A rant I probably shouldn’t be saying, but its driving me nuts so I am going to rant. Please do not hate me for this rant.


I realize that this is GE, and that I am the only person in GE that gets yelled at for what they are wearing, but this doesn’t mean that all you other people get to dress like Tits and still call yourself a FW. Its just wrong.

So here is my very simple guide to dressing. Be happy with it, cause if you were a RL Gorean you would be wearing lots more. -nods-


If I can see your side boob shadow, under boob shadow, under butt shadow, side butt shadow, or butt crack… we have a problem. As my middle school teachers use to say… Wear a belt or a damn tank top.


Thank you for your time.

A Guide to Dressing

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