The heat…

So I live in Central New York. Central New York is known far more for its snow than it is its hot weather. Though I guess the humidity here is pretty famous. Anyways… The past few days it has been close to 90F here and to say the least I am simply dying. Not only that but my window AC can’t handle this weather, so my bedroom is like 80F. AND THEN my poor computer got so hot that I couldn’t even touch it. 😦 Luckily there are some awesome nerdy people in CB that helped me cool it down (And I will be getting a new fan, a cleaning, and some spray stuff by Monday), as well as this snazzy flat fan I got at Target to help it cool. HOPEFULLY THIS ALL WORKS!

Anyways… the reason I am ranting about this is that because of this heat… I am lazy! And my inventory looks a bit like this:


And while I do have outfits planned out to post… going to my skybox and taking the photos seems like soooo sooo sooo much work. So I am sorry, and everyone will just have to wait until my bedroom cools down for some new outfits.

And that is that!

The heat…

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