R: Restricted

My blog here is slowly starting to get more popular. Far more views. And as this happens I am trying to join feeds so that even more people come look at my blog. But in doing this I have realized that there is quite a restriction on photos placed in feeds. While I understand WHY photos need to be PG-rated, its rather hard to accomplish when one of the avatars I post with is nude from the top up most of the time. However this can’t happen anymore. 😦 But its a price I shall pay for popularity.

You will notice as you go through the main page of my blog this picture has started to pop up as the featured image:


Its because… while my OLD photos wont show up in feeds… I had to come up with a way to warn feed readers that the post behind that image is not PG-rated. HOWEVER! I did not alter the post, nor the photo within the post… Only the featured image.

I hope this makes sense to everyone!

R: Restricted

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