Make-Over June 2013


After much heart ache, a bit of distress, a lot of work. I like my Pushka again.

Now lets get down to what I actually did…

It started off a while ago. You may of noticed that I switched to brown eyes instead of those super light blue ones I use to have. It seemed to make Pushka look, well a lot less crazy. I blame this part on Lux! See… she is SUPPOSE to be making a family picture, and apparently my eyes were soo white that she decided to draw them in as brown. And I just loved it. So after much shopping a nice brown pair from Ikon won.

The next step was the shape. This part was horrid. You will notice in Outfits 14, 15, and 16 that Pushka has a new face. And while I liked the shape, I didn’t love it and none of my hairs looked right. I wanted to scream… So my friend Samaii suggested that I go buy a completely new shape and start from there. And so the search began… and well honestly ended very quickly.

I have loved the blog wornclothing since I first laid eyes on it. I can’t really tell you why as 90% of the stuff really isn’t my style. But none the less I love it. One of the authors on the blog also happens to be the owner of the store Pekka. So of course I was honor bond to make my way to Pekka and try on a few of her shapes. Sure enough, after trying on only 5 shapes… I found my base. With a little tweaking (cause hello what is up with squinty eyes) the new Pushka was almost born!

The last step was the skin. I love glam affair, and while I may try other skins from time to time, I generally come crawling back to glam the minute they release a new one. I went through her skins and decided, of course, on her newest skin Cleo but in a darker shade than I normally wear. And well I had to add red lips.

Now that my ranting is done. I give you… THE NEW PUSHKA!!!

make over june2013

Make-Over June 2013

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