How forgetful I am…

Do you ever go to an event, buy a whole lot of stuff, get back to your home, and go WTF did I just buy?

I’m having one of these moments. I went to Collabor88 and Famished. Two events I go to monthly and absolutely love. This month is no exception. But I just spent a whole shit load of Lindens and I couldn’t begin to tell you what I bought… Some hair? Maybe a chair? I did buy those vest things? The white dress from Outfit 016. But really, that doesn’t begin to account for all the money I spent. WTF?

Well now that I am broke, I shall stop my rant and try to move on.


I seriously suck at doing challenges and stuff. Its because, as I have said before, my attention span lasts for only about two months… please note how my blog has basically died for the past month. But even though I seriously suck at keeping up at them. I do so try. Today I’m giving Ms Strawberry’s Acrostic Poem Meme a go.

Put a little bit into your pocket,
Unwind for the day,
Sing yourself a pretty song,
Hope for a light rain,
Kiss your friends hello,
And throw all cares away.

OKAY! Well that is what I came up with in… 2 minutes.. I only changed the second line and though it makes no sense at all. I think I rather like it!

Outfit: Outfit 015
Location: Castrum Baredian

How forgetful I am…

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