A new home. A new land.


Two Months.

My attention span tends to last for two months. And I find it extremely hard to get things in SL to last longer than two months. Be it my bubble, my gor home, or relationships. And in this case it would be my relationship. But I dont want to hash out the sad in my life right now and would rather focus on the positive.

I have a new home. Avaricious Covenant. I have never felt so welcomed to a gor group. When I joined Malice yes people were nice but I never really felt at home, a sense of loyalty yes, but I didn’t feel wanted or needed. In CB, I had my Elliot and little else mattered to me. But as this began to get hard I realized that I only had my Lee to talk to there fore I wasn’t part of the group, part of the clique.


I am sure that Avari has its issues. I have heard its very micro managed. But so far I really, truly, like this group. I was welcomed with open arms. TPed to the sim within minutes of my leaving CB by Erin, and quickly sent all the groups from Naughty. I have been apart of this group for less than 24 hours and I already have a small home that was made just for me. (No you dont get to see it yet.)

But this time, despite feeling welcomed, I think I am going to stay more to myself. It hurts to much to care for people and to find out you barely matter.

Location: Avaricious Covenant
Credits: Outfit 009

A new home. A new land.

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