Gor Day Six

Today, RL wise, sucked. Like seriously sucked. I dont want to get into the particulars but know that today was really horrid until about 6pm. And then I got home and wiggled into SL and the world started to turn a pretty shade of happy… Yes I know.. I LACK A LIFE! I spent sometime on my slave alt, Tits, today. It was fun being able to be only half dressed again. And then towards my bedtime Becks, our group boss dude, put this really tall tower water slide in the middle of camp. I wish I had gotten a picture of the whole thing but i sadly didn’t think of it until it was already gone.


My SL Pet Peeves Meme

1. People who only ever wear black. Okay don’t get me wrong black is an awesome color, and SL seems to make it amazing. But really? I spend most of my time in Gor. And if you have read any of the books black wasn’t even a frequent color. THEY WERE COLORFUL PEOPLE DAMN IT! So add a little color to your clothes every so often. PLEASE!

2. Prim/Mesh Feet. Okay not the feet in general. I have mesh feet and hands myself and I love them. What I can’t stand is when they don’t match. Like aren’t even close to matching. You have a pale skin but your mesh feet are a tan skin. Umm why? Please fix?

3. Ugly sims. I know this is slightly ridiculous to put here but you again have to realize that I spend most of my time in Gor. And because of the desire to reduce lag people put up ugly ass trees made 3 or 4 years ago. Have the most horrid house textures known to man. And put shit in weird ass places to make raiding easier for them. And it just comes out ugly. Sometimes I wish I was super rich just so that I could run around and fix all the damn sims.

4. Freewomen. Alright, I realize I am a free woman but seriously what is up with all the freewomen looking like sluts? I know we aren’t BTB and covering all but our eyes seems a little ridiculous, however the difference between a FW and a slave is sexuality. A slave is sexual, while a freewoman is proper. A freewoman needs to be at least 70% covered with breasts, belly, lower back, butt, thighs, vagina and knees fully covered. Okay a little cleavage is allowed. But if you are wearing a beach dress were i see your knees, thighs, all but your nipples on your breasts and your entire back… lets just say you deserve a collar or you need to get your ass out of Gor. I know its GE, but if we completely take the teaching of Gor out of it… We can’t even call ourselves GE anymore and we might as well just claim we are medieval.

5. Flexi Hair. Yeah just get rid of it already people. Welcome to the era of MESH.

Location: Castrum Baredian
Clothing: Outfit 002

Gor Day Six

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