For those of you who like SL weddings, or have your own. Or are umm a part of the wedding I am posting please take no offense, Sleddings just aren’t my style.

As you all know by now I have been a part of Gor in SL for quite a bit of time, and have moved around a lot. Ross Brougham was my first master in SL Gor. He is a sweetie through and through who rarely sees the dark the side of others, so even though we have gone our separate ways, we still remain friends. Today he had a sledding to a woman named Zep. Given I barely know Zep… but I would beat her ass if she hurts Ross.


This sledding wasn’t nearly as bad as others I have been to… and I have been to quite a few. The bridesmaids were clad in adorable mesh dresses, so good props there. However the men in the wedding really needed to learn about mesh as well.. there are some great Tuxs out there now a days. Clothing aside the wedding went fairly well. The lady performing obviously had her words notecarded… which I love, it means the wedding takes only 15 to 30 minutes, not 2 to 3 hours. The music for the first part of the ceremony was very tasteful and classical… until they brought in the singing.


And the dancing was rather fun… now if only I had checked to make sure my Hi-res photos were be taken BEFORE the wedding happened. But hey… we can’t have it all.


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