A Little Bit…

My second life has been a little nuts recently and not really in the best of ways. I have very recently gotten into a huge fight with a close friend of mine and it, well it has ruined our friendship. But not everything in Second Life lasts forever, right? Well due to the lack of rescues, for those of you not in Gor… a rescue is when we have to go save one of our own from another camp… I decided to go into the land of OOC aka my skybox!


Well I have land too, but as I only rent a parcel I have to live with the rules of the sim owner WHO WILL NOT CHANGE THE GROUND TEXTURE FOR AUTUMN… So right now my skybox is my little heaven. It has some botanical trees (cause hello they may be primy but they are like the best), some sparkly yellow grass, and the collab88 (cheeky pea) theater set! I LOVE IT!


Anyways, so I am hidden away in my little skybox of solitude, dressed in clothes I cannot wear in Gor, when Lex (the leader of Malice) IMs me! I do talk to people in Malice, but Lex is rarely one of them. I tend to be shy, and he is so talkative and well demanding? So to say the least I was rather surprised. It turns out I wasn’t in trouble (as I was kind of worried I was) instead he was thanking me for holding my own and not ditching the group through the OOC crap that went on the night before. While I still think he thinks I know more than I do, it was a rather nice chat and he suggested I check out this club called…


Element, the 8th Club @ GOL http://www.thegol.com


To say the least Pushka was a little out of place in her cute little outfit, but how can one not boogy down to some trance music? I mean its designed to make you want to dance. So thanks Lex for suggesting the place! ^^

I will post these later when Im not SOOO sleepy!

A Little Bit…

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