Gor Day Two

Today, well in all honestly last night, I decided to return to little group of Malice, after being threatened by Beck and a series of questions from Noah, I was allowed back in with open arms, and well a couple of surprises.


While last night, beyond Beck, my fan fair was rather quiet, today… Lex threatened to beat me to a bloody plup if I so decided to leave again, and well two couples have asked me to be their kid. (I feel so LOVED!)

I have been a part of Malice since July, almost three months now, during that time I have been reborn twice. I started off as a slave to my friend’s Noah and Lux, and well then I wanted to be a freewoman, so I became the child of Noah and Babs, but then Noah killed himself and asked me to keep being his daughter so I was reborn again with just Noah as a parent (Yeah yeah the details getting fuzzy on HOW I was born). But then, when I decided to leave Malice, Noah disowned me. So now I am family-less and Yas/Red and Darky/Jacob want me to be their kid… the problem with this is that I would be related to half of Gor.


Big Problem here! What if I end up being related to a really cute guy? HUH? HUH? What then?

Anyways… This is Malice.. It isn’t the prettiest of sims but Beck keeps promising us a make over… So I can just sit here and pray that it really will happen.

Gor Day Two

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