Gor Day One

I have been part of Gor for something around four years now. And while yes there are kinks to it, I still love it. Up until a few days ago I was part of Malice, but due to some OOC issues I have left the group and am currently wandering Gor looking for a new home. Today I am showing you Nidavellir Village. It is a GE sim, which means lots of pew pew and sadly a definite lack of roleplay, though I do not know yet if this is just how this group is or because they just recently moved to a new sim.


As you can see, its winter here.. Which while has it pretty moments, its autumn in my real life and I would honestly like to see some autumn-ness. And I hate to complain some more, but winter doesn’t have to be this white. Everything is white, and there there are little brown houses (Which I LOVE LOVE LOVE) But the landscaping and decorating in that retrospect could defiantly use some help.


Skin: Glam Affair – Lilith
Hair: Magika – Faint
Outfit: Due to the request of the person who told me where they got it, I sadly can’t tell you where I got it.
Weapons: Centipede

Poses: R.icielli
Location: Nidavellir Village

Gor Day One

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